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Slobodan Zivadinovic her sports photographer in Vienna

bobiPix work nikon sport photograph Zivadinovic Slobodan Austria transparent 383 417Each and every day a rich fill of moments are keeping the world in suspense. Like lightning they’re passing by. Impressions can only be kept by the very best of snapshots.
The sports fotographer knows all of them moments, because his senses are live at the pulse of events. But it takes more to get the picture done well.
A passionated fotographer like Slobodan Zivadinovic masters to dive into this fascinating world of sports like no other. He knows his motives, knows the movements, knows the pace.

With the BOBIPIX project he’s revealing this magic, captures it for the audience, binds it into the moment’s spell.

The camera lightning rises. The crowd is applauding in awe. The moment passes by. The picture remains.